GENRE: Electronic, Experimental, Pop, Punk, Orchestral, Reggae, Fusions

TheDICE is the nom de plume of experimental electronic musician Francesco Zocchi. Hailing from Limone sul Garda, Italy, TheDICE has been creating music since the 90s.

He was first intrigued to learn keyboard and piano through his love of videogame music. His initial compositions were produced on a Commodore Amiga computer using Fasttracker. Influenced by The Doors and The Beatles, he soon took up rhythm guitar. In 1998, TheDICE started using FL Studio for his songs.

In 2000, TheDICE started a punk rock band with two of his friends. They were energized by the early, raw sound of Green Day. The band enjoyed writing songs and performing gigs before breaking up in 2002.

TheDICE continued experimenting with melodies and electronic music, often composing love songs. He drew much of his inspiration from classical greats like Schübert, Mozart and Beethoven. In 2011, he discovered and joined Invigorated by the acapellas on the site (especially those of Kara Square and Snowflake), TheDICE has created and shared over 120 remixes on ccMixter. His creativity, production skills, and enthusiastic encouragement of others make TheDICE a well-respected member of the international community.

"TheDICE has an inherent ability to convey emotions through his melodies. His non-conventional, self-directed musical studies make his compositions stand out with a special flair."
Kara Square, Founder/Artist of Thinkroot Records

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