Piero Peluche

GENRE: Rock, Pop, Electronica, Alternative Rock, Surf Rock, Tex-Mex, Reggae, Fusions
INSTRUMENTS: Guitar, Drums, MIDI Keyboard, Bass, Piano, Organ

Piero Peluche is artistically born from an idea by Claudio Pagani, a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, and producer living in Tuscany, Italy.

Piero Peluche is a parallel universe citizen, living in a world made from the dust contained by Claudio's computer and its electromagnetic field. Claudio communicates with Piero by the alpha waves generated by his PC and Piero suggests all the ideas about song arrangements and structures. Piero Peluche is probably doing the same in his world; converting all the musical ideas Claudio is having here, but is too lazy to record.

Piero Peluche was inspired to make music by big bands like The Who and Pink Floyd, as well as punk bands like The Stranglers, The Ramones, and Ultravox. In the 80s, Piero started playing music as a drummer in a band formed with his brother called Norman Bates. The two brothers and their Nigerian friend, Teacher Mike, published their first mini album Professy with the ragamuffin band Ruff Selectors in the 90s. Ruff Selectors vocalists were Irene Grandi (acclaimed Italian singer, songwriter, and actress) and Simona Bencini (from the well-known Italian band Dirotta su Cuba).

Throughout the 2000s, Piero Peluche learned to play many other instruments like bass, keyboards, and guitar while collaborating with numerous local artists and bands including Priscilla Paisley, Lokomotive Stakanov, Gli Astronomi Delle Stelle Spente, Greyscale, and PpoopP. In 2012, Piero decided to dedicate the majority of his energy to the production side of music with remixes of international artists. This led him to Kara Square’s vocals on ccMixter. Piero transformed Kara's songs into huge arrangements with full instrumentation and sparkling production. They released their Tex-Mex guitar and ukulele fueled surfer pop rock album, Square Meter, in early 2014.

Piero Peluche continues to collaborate with Kara Square and remix artists on ccMixter (including Thinkroot Records' Moira Waugh). He plays guitar and performs live with the Terti Miniz and is the drummer for the Brioscino... band. He enjoys experimenting and making music with cheap instruments. His collection of "cheap but good" guitars covers all of his musical needs.

"Piero Peluche never ceases to amaze me with his abundant creativity and endless inspiration. Collaborating with him is invigorating. When I send him a simple song with vocals and ukulele, he picks up on implied melodies and ideas as if he's reading my mind. Each song he produces is of top-notch sonic quality. We are ecstatic that Piero Peluche is part of Thinkroot Records."
Kara Square, Founder/Artist of Thinkroot Records

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