Peter Fancher

Peter Fancher (Trans4mr)

GENRE: Cinematic, Drum & Bass, Hybrid Orchestral, Orchestral, Sound Design
INSTRUMENTS: Drums, Keyboard

Peter Fancher (Trans4mr) is a dedicated composer from Columbus, Ohio who creates cinematic, orchestral, and electronic music with a fervent focus on inspiring an emotional connection. He writes fiercely powerful themes that tell a story, often of epic proportions.

When Peter was in high school, he became infatuated with electronic music and began experimenting with his own arrangements as soon as he acquired the music production software Reason. Composing music has been his passion ever since. Peter actively studies composition through the online music schools Point Blank and Evenant. He concentrates on honing specific techniques to write music for media, such as video games, film, advertising spots, and trailers.

Peter draws inspiration from everything he experiences, including the people he meets, the entertainment he consumes, as well as countless other artists. His music has become an accumulation of styles with elements that could be compared to many different musicians, including Bad Company UK, Black Sun Empire, Clint Mansell, Dieselboy, Hans Zimmer, Hive, Keaton, and Technical Itch.

When asked about his musical aspirations, Peter Fancher enthusiastically shared, “I want to write music for charitable causes, write music to protest and speak out against things that are wrong, and write music to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. I want to write music to help heal people, to inspire people, to stir up intense passion, wonder, and inspiration in people. I want to write music that makes a huge impact. I want to write music that makes people think. And I want to write music that will change the world.”

“We are excited to welcome composer Peter Fancher to our Thinkroot Records team. Peter’s hybrid electronic orchestral pieces offer our clients an enticing new sound. Whether he’s composing a beautiful, enchanting soundscape or an intense and powerful score, his meticulous attention to each and every sonic detail will undoubtedly captivate.”
Kara Square, Founder/Artist of Thinkroot Records

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