Moira Waugh

GENRE: Jazz, Pop, Ballads, Folk

Moira Waugh is a Brit living in Florida with her American singer/songwriter husband Mark Bass.

Moira's been writing since she was eight years old, beginning with a series of short stories about the family cats forming a pop group.

In 2009 she diversified into singing and writing lyrics for her own songs, joining a multi-talented and international music community on which inspired her to create a catalogue of songs that have been remixed many times and used in films. Moira has also collaborated extensively with specific musicians and singers and gone on to forge strong friendships through the site.

Moira is still addicted to writing fiction but it is singing that's proved to be one of the most completely enjoyable aspects of her life.

"Moira Waugh is an alluring artist with both her elegant, strong voice and her thoroughly engaging lyrics. Her natural vocal delivery has a laid-back, jazzy feel that gives you time to contemplate what she's saying. And her lyrics are so good that you'll want to do just that."
Kara Square, Founder/Artist of Thinkroot Records

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