Mark Bass

GENRE: Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Pop, Country, Rock, Light Jazz
INSTRUMENTS: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals

"Sometimes a simple acoustic guitar accompaniment is all that's needed to underline and draw attention to a client's message", says Thinkroot Record's guitarist Mark Bass.

Mark Bass is a guitarist and singer/songwriter living in Florida with his singer/songwriter wife Moira Waugh. His original compositions have been featured in the soundtracks of numerous commercial and documentary films, he has been a multiple award winner in the Billboard Music Awards Songwriters' Contest, and has been a participant in the "Support Live Music" scene in San Francisco, Atlanta, and Miami as a solo performer for over thirty years.

Mark records with his collection of vintage instruments in genres ranging from Folk, Pop, Country, Rock, and Light Jazz.

"Listening to Mark Bass' compositions is an evocative endeavor. His acoustic guitar pieces are thought-provoking. His songwriting is thoroughly captivating. And his voice is smoky and bold. Mark Bass is just an all-around talented musician."
Kara Square, Founder/Artist of Thinkroot Records