Thinkroot Records

Ready to License Original Music


All Licenses Include: Single Use, Broadcasting & Synchronization Rights, Royalty Free (No Fees to Performance Rights Organizations), Unlimited Duration
$9 Personal
  • Online Use for Individuals (Personal Projects, Student Projects, YouTube, Vlogs, Twitch, Podcasts, Websites)

$29 Small Business
  • Online Use for Entrepreneurs (Videos for Online Shops, Photographers, Event Filmmakers, Crowdfunding, Real Estate Tours)
  • Use in Indie Games, Indie Apps, Podcasts, Ebooks, Websites

$99 Corporate
  • Online Use for Companies, Charities, & Legal Entities (Videos, Websites, Apps)
  • Use in Physical Copies (DVD), Theater Production, Live Events, On-Hold Music

$299 Full Scale
  • Indie Film, TV, Radio, AAA Games, Local TV Advertisement

$399 Unlimited
  • Feature Film, National and Worldwide TV Advertisement

*If you are not sure what type of license is needed for your project, please contact us.


Thinkroot Records was founded in 2008 by Kara Square, a ukulele slinging, songwriting, and singing music maker. She has teamed up with top-notch international musicians and producers to offer an unforgettable collection of original songs and production library music and custom music services.

If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, we can make it! Our music can be found in TV, movie trailers, documentaries, fashion videos, book trailers, animations, advertisingYouTube videos, gallery installations, countless remixes, radio, podcasts, and more.


Do you need help finding the perfect music?  Contact us and we will promptly reply.  Are you interested in custom music?  Fill out the FREE Custom Music Quote Form or contact us and describe your project.